Boys & Girls Clubs sports programs make MORE team sports
accessible to MORE kids.
Sports Programs:
Youth sports teach our members many life skills and lessons such as:

 1. Practice Makes. . .Better- It is not about being perfect.  It is about getting better and improving.  
2. Let go of mistakes- Successful athletes brush off mistakes.  They acknowledge them, they learn from them and then they move past them.
3.Being positive moves youth further- Coaches and parents will encourage and inspire team players who will then encourage and inspire their team mates.
4.Celebrate Success- sports teach youth to celebrate success -large and small.  We all know how to celebrate winning the game, but sports can also help youth learn to celebrate the smaller goals they set for themselves.

Basketball: Our Club has a gymnasium with two full sized basketball courts. Basketball is one of the best sports to teach kids how to work together to win, a valuable, lifelong skill worth developing.
Soccer: The game of Soccer requires speed, agility, and kicking accuracy.